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I began working seriously with dogs in the autumn of 1992, when I started training agility with my first dog, a Bearded Collie bitch, Asa (Dishy), at the KOSSP "Zagreb" dog club.
My career as an agility and obedience trainer took off at the beginning of 1993.
Since 1993 till today, with the exception of 1996, I have been a member of the Croatian National Agility Team, first with Asa and later with my Border Collie bitch, Puppy (Germal Handy Lass), my Croatian Sheepdog bitch, Cita (Drava Certisa), my wife's Border Collie dog, Cap (Mawlch Cap), my Border Collie bitch, Myf (Mawlch Myf), my Border Collie bitch, Kix (Mawlch Kix), and my Croatian Sheepdog, Runo (Mawlch Runo). I was our National team coach from 1997 to 2015.
I was memeber of KOSSP "Zagreb" for over 20 years and from 2000 to 2005 I was Chairman of the same dog club.
Two years ago, my friends and I formed a new club, Zagreb's Agility Club, which at the beginning of this year also became a member of the Croatian Kennel Club.
Additionally, from 1993 to 2016 I was a member of the Croatian Kennel Club's Agility Committee, and more then 10 years I was a president of that Committee. From 2003 I'm official Croatian delegate in FCI Agility Committee and as a member of that, for several years now, I'm part of a three-member sub-commission in charge of the judging and education of international judges.
In February 2018 I became vice president of the FCI agility committee.
In addition to having held agility seminars abroad for a number of years, I am an international agility judge and as well as Croatia I have judged all over Europe, but also in South Africa, South and Central America and Asia.
Although I’m an agility judge for a long time (since 1995), I still prefer to run with my dogs
I fell in love with Border Collies in 1993 at the European Agility Championships in Austria and, in 1995 I finally succeeded in purchasing one. In falling in love with Border Collies I also felt the same attraction for herding and I soon began to train sheep dogs whenever the opportunity presented itself. On the occasion I competed in sheepdog trials with several of my dogs (more in the past then now).
In agility, I won many nice results with my dogs.
I achieved my best results with Asa towards the end of her life, in 1995, when she won the Croatian National Championship and gained 12th place in the individual competition at the European Agility Championships in Turin, Italy.
Besides that, I won the Croatian Agility Championship title with Asa in 1995, with Puppy in 2005, with Cap in 2006, with Cita in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and with Myf in 2012.
In 2002 I was European Open vice-champion with Puppy, and in 2006 I won European Open Championship with Cap, Puppy’s son. In 2003 Puppy gained FCI International Agility Champion title.
In 2006, with Cap (and Myf) I was a member of Croatian National team that won FCI Agility World Championships in Basel.
In 2010, with Myf, I was a member of my Club’s team that won 2nd place at Dog Olympic Games, held in Italy.
In 2016, at the 1st Croatian Sheepdog World Championship, I won 1st place with Runo.
At the moment I’m running with three dogs: Border Collies Asa and Kei, and Runo, a Croatian Sheepdog. Under my kennel name "Mawlch" (pronounced [Molh]) I breed Croatian Sheepdogs and Border Collies, from pure working lines.
As a hobby I make sticks and shepherds’ crooks.
I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb.
I am the proud father of two lovely sons, Vilim and Viktor :-).

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