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ISDS 298942
DOB 19/10/2008
CEA neg. (DNA normal)




Wyn is Sara's new dog, or to be more precise, bitch.
Sara's champion Mawlch Cap will turn 9 soon and although Sara wasn't too happy with the fact that we will have 5th dog in our household, she decided that it is time for her to get a new pup, so that Cap can slowly go to his well deserved retirement.

Wyn came to us from known Scottish kennel Corrie Dhu. Wyn's sire Glen (Chance) 280433 and her dam Canen Elsie 285796 are keen sheepdogs who work sheep every day with lot of enthusiasm. Both of them have excellent hips, checked eyes for PRA and they are DNA normal for CEA and TNS.

Wyn is a happy, playful pup who shows many qualities which are going to help her become a good working dog. She has a strong prey drive, she is completely sound tolerant, she learns fast and likes to cooperate. Sara plans to train agility, SAR and obedience and Alen is surely going to check how much sheep sense and style she inherited from her parents.

After few months of suspicion, because of Wyn’s strange, “bunny-like” movement of the hind legs, because of her preferring to lie and sit down always on the same side and, lately, because of her sparing of the left hind leg during going down some stairs, we decided to take Wyn to hips pre-score check already at the age of 8 months; so we can put bad thoughts away. But, unfortunately, the x-ray showed that Wyn has a severe left hip dysplasia :-(. After first shock and great sadness, the sadness which still didn't go away, Sara thought about it and decided to give Wyn to an old family friend who lives in our street. Because of Wyn’s dysplasia, Sara could never be happy and relaxed while doing sports and run with her. She would always worry is it too much exercise for Wyn, is she running normally, is she in pain etc. In our family most of our quality time with dogs we do through trainings, competitions and dog sports, so Sara estimated that her little Wyn will have happier and fulfilling life as a pet in a family where she will be the only dog and the only little princes in the house.
I personally think that a big role in Sara’s decision played the fact that she already has one dog with hip dysplasia, her Cap, with whom, although he barely showed any signs of dysplasia through his working career, she always struggled about how much she should train with him, what is too much etc. and I think that it would be really unfair to Sara if she’d need to go through all this again.


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